Using promotional products to market your business is more than passing out giveaways and trinkets branded with your logo. There are key applications and opportunities where promotional products can dramatically increase the bottom line.

Promotional products are a cost-effective way to reach and motivate key decision-makers. First, they get in front of them. Second, and perhaps most importantly, they remain in front of them. Promotional specialties create ongoing advertising, in addition to a positive feeling about your company.

It is very likely that the most significant reason for the popularity of promotional products is the frequency of exposure and the reasonable cost per impression.

The days of spending large budgets just to see your company name advertised on TV, Cable or the internet are now being questioned in terms of return on investment. How can you quantify the money spent in a specific return per dollar spent? It’s vague at best. Today, companies are holding their marketers accountable for results.

An article in the Wall Street Journal said that a coffee mug (a promotional product) with an imprinted marketing message may be seen by the designated recipient as often as five times a day. Could you afford to reach a prospect using television or radio as often as five times a day?

Multiple impressions generate brand awareness, which is one of the keys to increase market share. And increased market share is one of the keys to success in any business.

In the industry Best Seller book: The Power of Promotional Products, authors David Blaise and Marie Carlton state: “The Power of Promotional Products comes from their ability to get an effective, targeted, marketing message in front of exactly the prospects and clients you need to reach, and keep it there…without the waste associated with other media. … While broadly considered to be any useful item featuring a company logo, name or advertising message, the very best promotional products don’t just brand, they generate actual, measurable results.”

As a distributor member of the widely recognized and respected Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), KalosPS gains a competitive edge in the ever-changing and growing promotional products industry through unique education opportunities and easy access to efficiently search through over 650,000 promotional products using a variety of criteria filters to meet your specific marketing needs. Our trained and experienced sales staff can team with you as you put together an effective promotional campaign using promotional specialty products to make a lasting impression and take your company to the next level.

Credit: The Power of Promotional Products, Published by: Blaise Drake & Company, © 2004, ISBN: 0-9741003-1-5


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